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Screening Tenants During a Pandemic

Private showing to family during a pandemic

Private showing to family

How can you rent a unit during a pandemic? If it’s a problem to interact with people within breathing distance, how can you show them around the property? No matter the challenges that come with COVID-19, it has never been easier to start screening tenants, even amid a pandemic.

Keep It Clean

First, there is the issue of showing the property legitimately. It is important to showcase your property in a safe way. People won’t want to rent from you if they are uncomfortable around you. Show them your respect for their boundaries and provide a COVID-safe environment.

Showing Your Property During A Pandemic

Showing the property in an accurate way to a potential tenant is already difficult. It may be easier to focus on one person while social distancing is still necessary. If you decide to hold individual showings, it may be easier to spot warning signs of a potential tenant you might not have noticed if they were in a large group. Another thing to consider is how costly an individual showing can be.

While it may take more time to give a tour to only one person at a time, it has become a preference of those looking to keep their distance from others. To find out more helpful hints on how to set up open houses and showings, click here.

Screening Potential Tenants

Welcoming potential tenants during a pandemic

Woman in mask welcomes people to the apartment

After showing a property to a potential tenant, you have many options on how to run a background check on them. It is important to screen tenants, especially during a pandemic because people are more in need than ever. Make sure you have someone reliable to pay the rent every month by performing a full background check with their permission BEFORE they move in.

Able Screening can perform a full background screening, including employment, tenant history, driving history, criminal background, credit report, and more! Have you heard about social media screening? It may become available soon, find out more here.

Any Questions?

If you need a report tailored to your needs, call us at 415-353-0744 or email anytime for a quote!

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