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Your Go-To Guide for Common Inquiries

  • Where does the credit report come from?
    The credit report comes from one of the three certified credit bureaus: Transunion, Equifax and Experian. We have access to two of the major bureaus.
  • Can you do screening anywhere in the world?
    Our main focus is the entire USA, but we do have the ability to get credit reports from Canada as well. These reports are provided by EQUIFAX.
  • What other products do you offer?
    One of the main products that we have introduced in the last few years is called “QUIKAPP”. QUIKAPP is what makes us different from most screening services. The QUIKAPP process allows the property manager to streamline the entire rental process. QUIKAPP allows the tenant to access a web page to apply online. This link can either be sent directly from the landlord or property manager to any interested prospective tenant, OR the property manager can put the link directly on their own website. The prospective tenant then controls the entire application process and submits the application after paying the rental application fee. The landlord or property manager will receive notification (usually by email) that lets them know someone has applied for their property and allows them to see a completed application and credit report all in one place.
  • What is “Screening” all about?
    Screening has many meanings but the main one here is related to doing background checks for various reasons. It can be for pre employment, a tenant/landlord situation or even for a permissible purpose such as a business transaction.
  • Why is QUIKAPP better and how much does it cost?
    Up until recently, this technology did not allow tenants to process their own application. Now QUIKAPP takes the entire rental process away from the landlord and allows the tenant to apply at his leisure. No more faxing papers back and forth. In the next few months we are adding some great features to the QUIKAPP process. Did we mention that QUICKAPP costs the landlord or property manager ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
  • What other types of screening do you offer?
    We have access to some of the most sophisticated databases available. Among the databases we offer are: Criminal background screening both nationally and statewide Eviction reports both on a statewide and national search level National terrorist database and sexual predator database People search and fraud reports Drug screening database Property search, DMV County search for criminal data and more
  • What can I expect to receive when I do a screening?
    We offer many type of products to help with your screening needs. If you look at our pricing tab, it does explain the products we offer and the prices. The main thing you can expect is a credit report.
  • How long does the screening take?
    This is dependent on the type of screening you want. The report can be done by you, the user, and will be ready in as little as 10-15 seconds. We are also happy to assist and pull the report for you at no additional cost, and it is usually done the same day.

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