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Extensive Customer Screening Form

Learn about the key benefits

Thorough Financial Background Check

Gain access to a comprehensive financial background check. This service provides you with valuable insights into an individual's financial history, including credit scores, payment patterns, outstanding debts, and other relevant financial information.

Detailed Business Background Credit Report

Our service includes a detailed business background credit report. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of a company's creditworthiness, financial stability, payment history, and other key factors that can help you assess their suitability for partnerships or transactions.

Comprehensive Criminal Background Search

Our service provides an extensive criminal background search. We conduct thorough investigations to uncover any misdemeanors, felonies, arrests, convictions, or pending charges in an individual's criminal history, enabling you to make informed decisions while prioritizing safety and security.

The Process

We offer a unique online applicant tracking application process.



A unique URL is sent to applicants via email or added directly on your website



The applicant pays the application fee with their credit card.



Depending on the plan chosen,  a full report is available to you INSTANTLY

Are You Considering Entering Into a Business Partnership With a Company or Individual?

Understanding the background of your potential business partners is crucial in making informed decisions. Our comprehensive background screening service is designed to thoroughly vet prospective business partners, providing you with valuable insights into their history and credentials.

Pricing and Plans


Essential Screen Plan

  • Credit report onlu

  • Complete credit report from TransUnion or Equifax

  • FICO credit score included


Pro Screen Plus Plan

  • Credit report with FICO score

  • Criminal background report


Ultimate Screen Guard Plan

  • Credit report with FICO score

  • Criminal background report

  • Eviction history report

  • Verification of employment

  • Rental History

Here Are the Key Highlights of Our Service:

  1. Decades of Experience: Benefit from our extensive experience, as Able Screening has been successfully operating for over 35 years. We have built a strong reputation for reliability and excellence in the screening industry.

  2. 24/7 Internet Access: Enjoy the convenience of accessing our services anytime, anywhere, with our secure online platform. Our internet access is available 24/7, allowing you to perform background checks and review reports at your convenience.

  3. Access to Previous Reports: All reports you have previously run with us are stored and readily available for your reference. You can easily access and review any previously generated reports whenever you need them, ensuring seamless continuity in your screening process.

  4. Peace of Mind in Your Business Partnerships: Our service provides you with the assurance of conducting business with the most qualified applicants. By conducting comprehensive background screenings, you can make well-informed decisions and minimize potential risks, fostering successful and secure business partnerships.

  5. Affordable and Transparent Pricing: We offer competitive and affordable fees for our services. There are no hidden charges or unexpected costs. We believe in providing transparent pricing, ensuring you receive high-quality screening solutions at a fair and reasonable cost.

  6. Certified Credit Agent Assistance: Our dedicated team of certified credit agents from Able Screening is ready to assist you throughout the screening process. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Customer Screening Answers You Need to Know!

What do you know about your future customer?
Do they pay you on time?
Can you be sure the next job will get paid?
What do you do when the company is many miles away or even overseas?


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