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Social Media Screening

A woman visits social media on her phone

A woman visits social media on her phone

Screening a potential employee is important to make sure the person you are hiring is who they say they are. Popular screenings right now include employment, credit, and residency, but what about where people most reside?

Social media has become more popular every day for businesses. Just over the last 6 years, there has been a 115.6% increase in total users on social media (from 3.69 billion in 2015 to 4.48 billion in 2021). So what is social media screening exactly?

Social Media Screening

Social media screening is the process of searching for any posted content that would deem the candidate to be a harmful hire in any way. It can include scanning:

Additionally, the FCRA deems a 7-year period for all types of screenings. Like all of our offered screenings, all screening requests must be approved and signed by the person getting screened.

Many people check their devices

Many people check multiple devices

Legal Limits

As the employer, if you create an account to ‘friend’ a candidate or attempt to get into their account by asking for passwords you could be crossing legal boundaries.

If you end up not hiring the candidate because of social media screening, you must provide:

  1. a notice of intent to take adverse action

  2. a copy of the Summary of Your Rights under the FCRA

  3. a copy of the background report itself.

Find out more from the experts at Social Intel.


There has been a push during the pandemic for a more accurate way to screen people, making social media screening a . Able Screening is just as available as ever to answer any questions. If you are curious about other tips on screening during a pandemic, check out our recent post!

Able Screening LLC plans to offer social media screening when it becomes available. We are flexible to any screening request, if you are curious about social media screening or any other type of screening, send us an email at

or call us any time at (415)353-0744.

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